Johann Ehrhard

Master Wizard


He is a tall fit man in his early thirties with dark smoky eyes long brown hair flourished with a wide streak of white running through it.

While outside of the college Johann favors dark green robes to hide the fact that he is a White Wizard, or risk Daemons knowing a bearer of light is near.


Johann was born under the star sign Mammitt the Wise in Wilksburg, a market town in Averland. Johann is the middle child of five to a single mother widowed following a logging accident, which took his fathers’ life when Johann was only eight years old.

Well into his 13th year of life Johann was discovered by an old White Wizard Rolan Gormann who said that Johann had the gift to see the winds of magic, even if just barely. Happy to have one less mouth to feed Johann was given over to the hold wizard by his mother and taken to a small tower just outside of Kell. Johann developed a strong back and fortitude serving the wizard day and night while keeping the deteriorating wizard tower standing. Although through an observer’s eye it could be said that Johann wasn’t much more than a slave, he never the less loved the old man and longed for his approval. Instruction of wizardry was few and far between, but over a decade the boy turned man felt he had learned enough to complete his apprenticeship and study in the magic colleges of Altdrof. Four years of pledging with Gormann proved unsuccessful. Gormann would often cite Johann as being an embarrassment of a student and it would shame his master should he be presented in Altdorf. Johann began to believe that like his Master who almost never left the tower, he too would remain there rooted without a chance of witnessing the glory of the Empire’s capital.

This all changed when a letter from Altdorf arrived one morning which spurred the old wizard into action. Now age 27 Johann was told they would journey immediately to Altdorf and to arrange for the travel. Any question on the subject of why was completely ignored. Johann went into town to gather a wagon and supplies for the journey along with hiring some guards for the treacherous portions through the Drakwald forest. That was when Johann first met the ex-Kithband warrior Cael Fin Drel and his dwarven companion Ut. After learning that Johann could read Reikspiel they asked him to read a letter found on a corpse. The is the first time he encountered the dreadful name of Lord Cyric and would prove to be the catalyst of all the pain Johann would suffer over the next two years.

Cael and Ut were hired as guards and the journey to Altdorf began. A few days into the journey Gormann was attacked in the night and mortally wounded by a warpstone blade. He gave one final instruction for Johann to take a sealed letter and small magically warded lockbox to the Magister Argon Finch of the Order of Light in Altdorf. This proved to be a much longer and dangerous task then the naïve young man could’ve imagined.

The journal to Altdorf was wrought with the death for manly good companions and friends. No death was felt more than that of Johann’s first love Karelia at the hands of a vampire by orders of Lord Cyric. That event started a chain reaction inside of the young apprentice, which would eventually transform him from an unconfident student eager to please all around him into a confident man wanting to stop those who would use power to bully the weak. The journey to Altdorf could have filled 100 life time’s worth of adventure, including working on occasion for Witch Hunter Roland Altmere, Alfonz Hercules De’sgnosouge, vampire hunters and many nobles and including the countess of Nuln. These adventures resulted in dangerous encounters with werewolves, vampires, ghosts, beastmen and cultists.

There was many a close call, perhaps none closer than battling a Tzeentch cult at the Wurling Wut asylum in Wissenland where Johann was forced to look into the depths of hell to close a hellmouth. The experience changed him mentally and physically leaving the young man with the white streak in his hair. Through it all with his good friend Cael and the Halfling Wit Johann completed his masters’ last request and delivered both the un opened box and sealed letter to the Order of Light. Johann feeling an affinity for the magical winds Hysh joined the College of Light with much more life experience then even the most traveled Journeyman wizards.

Johann eventually learned that his former Master was in fact the true Patriarch of the Order of Light and had been in seclusion protecting a powerful artifact, the Ring of Vampires once worn by Von Carstein, the Vampire Lord who nearly conquered the Empire 500 years ago. Furthermore the letter explained the Gormann believed Johann has tremendous potential as a wizard.

After having been in possession of the Vampire Ring for so long Johann began having visions of a new Vampire Lord uprising and the return of Von Carstein. This along with the maneuvering of Lord Cyric caused Johann to spend his little free time studying necromancy lore and vampire legends. Convinced that the Vampire Lords would soon rise Johann found a possible solution to stop them, but would require four relics of great power. The Sword of Akemtosh, The Shield of Blood, The Hammer of Karak and the vampire ring, which he brought to Altdorf.

Once graduated to rank of Journeyman Wizard Johann acquired a fine light warhourse Darouke and a manservant Albrecht. Then once again reunited with Cael and Wit set out across the empire delving into ancient tombs to recover the necessary artifacts and eventually stop the new Vampire Lord uprising.

Following this Johann returned to the College of Light placed the powerful artifact into the school’s vault and continued the study of magic. Five years later and now a Master Wizard Johann receives word from his old Witch Hunter friend Roland Altmere to meet him in Wurstberg and to bring the Sword of Akemtosh. On the back Darouke and with Albrecht at his side Johann leaves Altdorf once more.

Johann Ehrhard

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